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Caravaneer 2 is a mixture of a turn based RPG and an open world trading game. It takes place in a post apocalyptic desert about 100 years after the collapse of our civilization. The game is generally realistic, so don't expect to find any laser guns or zombies in it. There's a demon baby who lives in the same bunker with the main character, but... oh well... no spoilers!

The game starts in the desert, but you almost immediately arrive at your bunker where the story begins. You have an option to change your direction quickly and go elsewhere. In fact, you can completely ignore the entire story and just do trading and fighting, but it might be a challenging option, especially in the beginning because you will not get any free stuff or directions to new places.

If you choose to follow the story you'll be given a weapon and a small sum of money and sent to a mission to find your missing companion. Make sure that you explore your bunker well before leaving it. You can find additional equipment as well as receive supplies and services that will come in handy when you'll be traveling in the desert.

Once you leave your bunker you're supposed to begin your mission, but you must not forget that no matter what you do, surviving in the desert and above all making progress with your mission requires resources. You must always have enough food and water for yourself and later also for your companions to make sure that you don't die from starvation or dehydration. You can hunt some food in the desert and collect some forage for your animals if you have them. You can also take resources from other people if you fight them, but most of the time you'll need to buy your resources in settlements or exchange them for other things. So, how do you get rich enough to buy these resources and other useful stuff like battle gear or transport? The most straightforward option is to trade. You need to buy goods where they are cheaper and sell them where they're more expensive. It may be difficult to find good trading routes, but you can get some advice from the desert dwellers in the beginning, so be attentive and explore different dialogue options. Also, make sure that you have some money reserve when moving to a new region. Not only will you need time to explore the new territory properly before starting to earn money, but you may also need new battle gear because bandits in the new region will most likely be stronger than before.

Bandits and other enemies will attack you as soon as they see you, unless your squad is considerably stronger that theirs. They can't really tell how skillful you are before they start fighting you, so they judge by the number of people in your squad and the gear they have. They may even run away from you if you are too strong for them.

Most bandits will remain hostile to you, no matter what you do, but other groups may be friends or foes depending on the situation. There are various factions in the game and you can develop different relationships with each one of them. Generally, when you improve your relationship with one of the factions you also improve it slightly with their allies. Your reputation with that faction's enemies will slightly worsen. The same works the other way around. If you attack a group, for example, its allies will get angry at you and its enemies will like you a bit more.

Apart from relationships with factions you also have specific reputations, such as Virtuous, Trustworthy or Lawbreaker. These reputations affect your possible dialogue options and are also affected by the dialogue options you choose. However, some of them can change in your everyday life as well. Defeating groups that are tougher than you gives you Tough reputation. Attacking a friendly group gives you negative Trustworthy reputation. Owning slaves gives you Slaver reputation. Freeing other group's slaves and accompanying them to a settlement gives you Virtuous reputation and reduces your Slaver reputation. Another way to reduce Slaver reputation is to buy slaves at slave markets and free them immediately (in game time). If it's not done immediately it will increase your slaver reputation instead. If a town finds out that you smuggled illegal goods into it, you will get lawbreaker reputation. If you bring bandits to police stations, your lawbreaker reputation is reduced.

There are many other aspects of this game that need to be explained. We'll try to cover most of them in other chapters of these instructions.

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