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Most of the towns have industries. Industries take raw materials and convert them into new products. That's what makes the economy work.

Many towns allow you to buy some of their existing industries and start new ones. There's a list of possible new industries in Town Mode -> Industries -> New Industry

Once you own an industry, you must make sure that it has enough raw materials all the time to work properly. Otherwise you will lose money paying expenses and not earning anything back.

Industries already come with some storage space when you buy them, but you can also expand storage in Your Industries tab. This storage will be used both for raw materials and ready products. You can also place anything you want there and take it back whenever you want, but it's a different subject.

When an industry is at work, it will first check the storage for raw materials. You can buy these raw materials wherever you want and put them in the storage, so your industries will use them. However, if you don't do it or if an industry runs out of raw materials in the storage, it will try to buy them at the local market. That's why it's a good idea to leave some money reserve for your industries. Withdrawing and depositing money from reserves can also be done at Your Industries tab.

If an industry doesn't have enough raw materials and doesn't have money to buy them, it will try to sell some of the ready products if it already produced them. If it has no raw materials, no money and nothing to sell, it will stop working. The same will happen if the town does not have the necessary materials at the market. You should always make sure that there's a way for your industries to get their raw materials if you want them to earn you any money.

The ready products are put into the storage. You have an option to come to the town, take these products from the storage and sell them wherever you want, but if your industries run out of storage, they will be forced to sell these products at the local market for whatever price they'll be offered, so having enough storage space can also be very important.

If you see that your industries don't work the way they should, you can always downsize them to a smaller volume or even to zero and receive a small portion of the money back. In some cases, the town may be interested in buying your industry. If you sell it to the town, you will get much more money than from downsizing it.

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