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There are several categories of people in Caravaneer 2:

Volunteers: Your main character and some other people who will join you as part of the story are volunteers, meaning that they don't get paid for working for you.

Mercenaries: The people you hire in towns are mercenaries. They need to be paid weekly. If you don't have enough money to pay them, they will leave your squad. You can also dismiss a mercenary whenever you want, but remember that if you are in the desert, you must accompany the dismissed mercenary to the nearest settlement.

Prisoners: If all enemies panic during a battle, you can either let them go, kill them anyway or keep them as your prisoners. Prisoners can be then converted into slaves or passed to the authorities for a reward. Prisoners don't participate in battles and don't carry any cargo.

Slaves: There are different ways to obtain slaves. You can buy them, enslave your prisoners or take the slaves your defeated enemies were transporting. Owning slaves gives you slaver reputation that may be harmful for the story. This reputation can be reduced by freeing slaves. Slaves can carry weight, but they don't participate in battles.

Temporary members: Temporary members are all those people who will automatically leave your caravan when certain conditions are met. These can be freed slaves or prisoners, dismissed mercenaries or somebody who temporarily accompanys you as part of the story. Temporary members may or may not participate in battles depending on the specific kind, but they are never controlled by you on the battlefield.

Most of the mercenaries you can hire in towns belong to factions. In most cases, their faction will be the same as that of the majority of the town's population (e.g. most of the mercenaries in Lintu Camp will belong to Lintu faction), but sometimes you may see mercenaries from other factions as well. The friendlier the mercenary's faction is, the lower his/her salary will be. Mercenaries that belong to hostile factions may not want to join your caravan at all.

Sometimes freed slaves and prisoners can be hired as mercenaries, but for this to happen, their morale must be high. You will learn how to raise people's morale in Morale chapter.

People may get arm, leg or eye damage in battles. These damages cannot be healed in field conditions. You need to take an injured person to a doctor or a clinic in one of the settlements. Not all clinics can treat all damages, so you need to find an appropriate one.

Arm damage makes the person consume twice as much AP for using weapons in battles.

Leg damage makes the person spend 2 AP per square when walking in battles and also reduces the person's speed in the travel mode.

Eye damage reduces the person's accuracy.

In Caravaneer 2 people can change their weight over time. It depends on the amount of food they receive. You can see their current weight and how it relates to the ideal weight in Crew section of Caravan Menu. Try to keep the field called % of Ideal as close to 100 as possible. If a person becomes overweight or too skinny, it will negatively affect his/her attributes. Besides, extreme emaciation can cause the person to constantly lose health.

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