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The four basic attributes for Caravaneer 2 characters are Physical, Agility, Accuracy and Intelligence. These attributes affect all skills and parameters of the character. You should see them as the traits the character was born with. They can be temporarily affected by the character's condition, but they can't be permanently changed. However, most of the things they affect do change with experience, so even if a person does not have a natural talent for something, he/she can still be good at it by investing a lot of time and effort into training and gaining experience. Now, if another person who does have the necessary talent gets the same amount of experience, this second person will still be better.

Caravaneer 2 has many specific skills. Most of these skills are affected by their specific experiences that are gained when these skilled are used, but there are also groups of skills that share the same experience that affects them all. Here's an example: When a person shoots a rifle he/she gains rifle experience that improves his/her rifle skill, but at the same time he/she gains ranged weapons experience that affects his/her rifle skill, pistol skill, crossbow skill and other skills that have to do with ranged weapons. Besides, this person also gets general battle experience that affects AP.

There are so called collective skills that work on the level of the caravan. Most of these skills use the same principle: The person whose personal skill is highest adds his/her skill value to the collective skill. The person with the second highest skill contributes 1/2 of his/her skill, the third 1/3 and so on. For example, if your caravan has four people whose doctor skills are 100, 90, 60 and 40, your caravan's collective doctor skill will be 100+90/2+60/3+40/4 = 175.

Sight and speed work differently. The sight of your entire caravan is the same as that of the person with the best sight. The speed is defined by the slowest person or animal.

Here's a full list of skills and parameters with their base value between brackets and the experiences they are affected by:

Learning capacity: (Intelligence*14.3) It may not sound as something very important in a post-apocalyptic world, but it's, in fact, one of the most important parameters. It defines how much experience a person gains when he/she does things and also when he/she studies in schools. Thus, in the long term, it affects all skills and parameters that depend on experience.

Carrying capacity: (Physical*8) Affected by travel experience. Lowers when the person is wounded.

Doctor: (Intelligence*10) Affected by doctor experience. Drops when the person is wounded.

Veterinary: (Intelligence*6) Affected by veterinary experience.

Mechanic: (Intelligence*3+Agility*2) Affected by mechanic experience.

Hunting: (Agility*3+Accuracy*4+Intelligence) Affected by hunting experience. Lets the person hunt more effectively in the travel mode.

Collecting: (20+Agility*5) Affected by collecting experience. Makes the person collect more forage in the travel mode.

Smuggling: (Agility*4+Accuracy*2+Intelligence*3) Affected by smuggling experience. Lets the person smuggle banned goods into towns more successfully.

Sight: Affected by accuracy and travel experience. Let's the person see objects in the travel mode from longer distances.

Speed: (3+Agility/2) Decreases when the person is wounded. This is the travel mode speed that does not affect battle performance in any way.

AP: (5+Agility*1.5) Affected by general battle experience. Lowers if the person is overloaded. Battle morale has a temporary effect on the number of AP. This effect will be explained in more detail in Morale chapter.

Ranged Weapons: (Accuracy*8) Affected by ranged weapons experience.

Close Combat: (Physical*1.8+Accuracy*0.7) Affected by close combat experience. This skill affects your chance of hitting a target with a melee weapon.

Unarmed: (Physical*1.5+Accuracy*0.4) Affected by unarmed experience.

Throwing: (Physical*7) Affected by throwing experience. Defines how far you can throw grenades.

Throwing accuracy: (accuracy*4) Affected by throwing experience. Defines how precisely your grenades are thrown.

Crossbows: (Ranged weapons skill*0.5) Affected by crossbow experience.

Pistols: (Ranged weapons skill*0.7) Affected by pistols experience.

Rifles: (Ranged weapons skill*0.6) Affected by rifles experience.

Machine guns: (Ranged weapons skill*0.5) Affected by machine guns experience.

SMG's: (Ranged weapons skill*0.5) Affected by SMG experience.

Shotguns: (Ranged weapons skill*0.5) Affected by shotguns experience.

Rocket launchers: (Ranged weapons skill*0.5) Affected by rocket launchers experience.

Flamethrowers: (Ranged weapons skill*0.2) Affected by flamethrowers experience.

Knives: (Physical*1.8+Accuracy*0.7) Affected by knives experience.

Clubs: (Physical*1.8+Accuracy*0.7) Affected by clubs experience.

Chopping melee: (Physical*1.8+Accuracy*0.7) Affected by chopping melee experience.

Swords: (Physical*1.8+Accuracy*0.7) Affected by swords experience.

Dodge: (Agility*2) Affected by close battle experience. This skill defines your chances to dodge a melee and unarmed attack.

First Aid: (Doctor skill*0.8) Affected by first aid experience. This skill defines how effectively you can use first aid kits during a battle.

Pain threshold: Affected by pain experience (gained each time a person gets hit in a battle). This parameter defines how pain affects the person's morale. It indicates the point at which the person's morale starts to drop.

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