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People in Caravneer 2 have morale. It affects their performance during battles. If a person's morale drops below 8, this person panics and no longer participates in battles. If it's below 20, the person's AP are reduced. On the other hand, if it's above 80, the person receives extra AP.

Morale you see in Caravan Menu and morale your person will have in a battle are not the same. The second is based on the first, but it's also affected by the opponent. If the opponent is stronger that your caravan, your people will get scared and their morale will lower. If the opponent is weaker, your people's battle morale will be higher than their travel mode morale. Morale also changes during the battle. If one of your people dies, others will lose some morale. If you kill one of your opponents their morale will lower and yours will raise. People also lose morale when they take serious damage, when they are bleeding and, especially, when they are put on fire by molotovs or flamethrowers.

There may be different tricks to maintain your people's battle morale high, like healing bleeding or trying to prevent any deaths on your side, but basically, things that happen during battles are hard to control. What you should do is to try to keep your people's morale high outside the battles.

How to keep morale high:

Two of the most important factors for maintaining high morale are food and water. If your people are hungry or thirsty, their morale lowers. Increasing people's rations above 100% gives them a morale boost, but you should not abuse this option becuase your people may get fat. There's another factor you should take into the account: The taste of the food. If you select a food item in the Cargo section of your Caravan Menu, you'll see a number that represents the food's taste. Foods with negative numbers lower morale, foods with positive ones increase it.

Another trick that only works on mercenaries is raising their salaries. The salary you pay when you hire a mercenary is the one you agreed on. It cannot be lowered, but it can be raised. The raise doesn't need to be permanent, you can lower the salary back to its initial value later.

Winning battles increase morale. The incrementation depends on how strong the defeated enemy was. Defeating groups that are much larger than yours gives you a bigger morale boost.

Severely wounded people lose morale too. It may be the least of their problem at the moment, but you should try to heal your people as fast as possible to keep morale high.

All people in your squad affect each other's morale a little, but, above all, people with higher intelligence transmit their morale to people with lower intelligence. It basically means that you should try to keep intelligent people happier, but there's also another detail: Your main character's morale is usually high. It rises quicker than others' and it's easier to keep it at high values. You are fighting for yourself. Is there a better motivation that this? Well. The case is that an intelligent main character transmits his/her high morale to others, while a main character with low intelligence is affected by other people's morale.

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