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Caravaneer 2 has a number of different foodstuffs. All of them can be eaten by your people, but each one has its own characteristics, such as taste that has been explained in the previous chapter or energy. It may be challenging to provide your people with enough energy, which makes foods with higher caloric value more valuable as a supply. It doesn't necessarily makes them cost more. Their market price depends on completely different factors.

Supplies section of Caravan Menu lets you define how much of each foodstuff will be eaten by your people. There's a foodstuffs list in the bottom-left part with a number assigned to each foodstuff. This number stands for relative parts. It doesn't represent a specific amount of the foodstuff that will be eaten by your people, but only shows how much of the foodstuff will be used in relation to other foodstuffs.

For example, if you only have insects and jerboa meat in your cargo and you want your people to eat twice as much insects, you can set insects relative parts to 20 and jerboa meat relative parts to 10. It can also be 10 and 5 or 2 and 1 which would do the same trick if there are no other foodstuffs in your cargo.

Note that the relation between the foodstuffs is not defined by weight, but by energy. In the example above people will receive twice more calories from insect than from jerboa meat. The weight will be calculated accordingly. The two other columns in the foodstuffs list show how much of the foodstuff you currently have in your cargo and how much of it will be consumed per day with the current settings. These numbers are in units, not in calories. They are for you whole caravan, not only for the selected group of people.

You can set up different consumption schemes for different categories of people, but by default they are all set to be same as volunteers, so changing settings for volunteers you are changing settings for everybody else too.

Although relative parts are relative, a zero is always a zero. If you set a foodstuff amount to zero, your people will not consume any of it. Be careful with the zero because the indicator on the travel mode screen and all other places where your total food is calculated, include these blocked foodstuffs into the total amount.

Supplies screen also allows you to regulate food and water rations for your people as well as define how much medicine people will receive depending on the gravity of their injuries.

The amount of water people need to consume depends on their current body weight. If their body weight changes, their water consumption will change too even if the water rations size stays the same.

100% food ration has enough energy to maintain a person's body at its ideal weight. In the long term, people who receive 100% rations will lose weight if they have too much and will gain weight it they have too little. Incrementing or reducing food rations may be a good temporary solution, but it will cause weight problems if used for a long time.

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