The second part of the saga takes place 80 years into the future. The main character emerges from an underground bunker and discovers a devastated world where he or she needs to survive and hopefully accomplish an important mission.

Just like the first part, Caravaneer 2 is a hybrid of an RPG with turn-based battles and a trading game. The game is complex and hard. With a whole lot of realistic features, it may take some time to actually understand how it works and start enjoying it, so if you are not familiar with the game yet, please be patient.

Please visit the links below to find more information about the game and / or join the comunity.

Caravaneer 2 Facebook Page

Caravaneer 2 discussion group on Facebook

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07-Dec-2014: The game has been officially released. You can find it on Kongregate among other sites.

08-Nov-2014: The game now has its first DLC that contains Special Weapon perk from the crowdfunding campaign. Those of you who have contributed $10 or more and sent me their user name, already have this DLC enabled. Those who didn't do the latter, please do now. You can use this site's contact form for this purpose. Now when there's a DLC system incorporated into the game, there'll be more DLC (including Special Story perk) soon.

08-Aug-2014: Caravaneer 2 beta is online:

07-Aug-2014: The open beta will be released tomorrow, August 8.

01-Aug-2014: Caravaneer 2 beta is almost ready. It'll be out in a couple of days.

02-Jul-2014: The game is close to completion. What's left to do is adding sounds and some content. It's almost certain that an open beta will be released at this site before the end of July.

17-May-2014: I have just finished the game's story, which was the last big thing to do. There's still a relatively complex feature that needs to be programmed, which is computer controlled caravans, but it won't take very long. The rest are small details. According to my calculations, a public beta version of the game may be released in the beginning of July.

11-Oct-2013: We welcome you at the official Caravaneer site that has been launched today. The second part of the game is currently at the late alpha. We'll let you know when it gets to beta.
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